khoLEE Tea

No. 7 Moroccan Mint Loose Tea


Enjoy a refreshing cup of mint tea. To Moroccans, Moroccan tea stands for generosity and hospitality. Spend just few hours in the country, and they will make you feel the warmth of their culture through tea. Everyone you will pass in villages or in towns will beckon to you to come in for a cup.

  • Steeping Time: 3 Mins
  • Water Temp: 170-180 F
  • Number of Uses: 10-12
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Ingredients: Green Tea, Peppermint leaves and Peppermint flavor
  • Available in two sizes! Small 10-12 cups of tea or Large 50-60 cups of tea
  • SAVINGS: Save 28% on the larger size at just .20 cents per ounce!
  • Notes: vegetal, grassy

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