Loose Tea Sampler Pack of 3

  • Loose Tea Sampler Pack of 3

Save on your order by choosing 3 of your favorite teas or new teas to try.

No. 1 Organic South African Rooibos Loose Tea
No. 2 Organic South African Rooibos with Ginger Loose Tea
No. 4 Organic Oolong Qilan Tea
No. 6 Organic Masala Chai Tea
No. 7 Moroccan Mint Tea
No. 8 Organic Earl Grey Tea
No. 9 Relax and Release Organic Rooibos Tea
No. 10 Pinhead Gundpowder Green Tea
No. 11 Purple Jasmine Kenya Purple Tea Blend
No. 12 Organic Darjeeling Earl Grey Tea
No. 14 Organic Hibiscus Lemon Ginger Tea Blend
No. 16 Coco Chai Tea

28 grams of each (10-12 cups) that's a total of 30-36 cups of tea!

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